About Us

About Us

Angelika Barnes and Thomas Spring are passionate communicators and professional presenters themselves. At CCC they are collaborating in holding courses and workshops that will bring out the very best in you as a speaker.


Angelika Barnes

Angelika believes in effective communication
and in experiential learning. She is a Personal Coach and draws on her expert background in
Sales & Communication Coaching as well as Improvisational Theatre.
She delivers communication workshops - both here and abroad.

Alongside CCC, she also runs ABC Angelika Barnes Coaching, helping teams and individuals to become more successful by improving communication and culture.

"I recently attended one of Angelika's Assertiveness Training Workshops - an ideal combination of theory and practice. I found she had an intuitive ability to pinpoint the crux of a situation and offer practical, helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder.
Very engaging and conversational, Angelika is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experiences and ideas".
D. Carter

Thomas Spring

Thomas is an experienced speaker.
He is fascinated by the human potential for learning, growth and change. He has taught Karate in Switzerland and worked as a Project Manager.

Alongside CCC, Thomas Spring is a Feldenkrais and Satyananda Yoga teacher. He has taught workshops within New Zealand, Australia, America, Switzerland and Germany.

"Thomas is a master evaluator - he has the insightful ability to see the key thing that a speaker should work on to develop their speaking skills.
And he does it in a way that is positive and supportive. He gives examples on how you could make those changes, not just leaving with what you should do, but rather how you could do it. So if you want to know the "truth" about your speech or presentation came across, along with clear, thoughtful and helpful advice. on what to improve and how to go about it, then Thomas is your man."

Glynne Suckling, General Manager, THE BUYING GROUNG LIMITED & Kickbuttpresentations

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